Luxury Homes Design Trends 2017

Luxury homes have uncommon, uber cool features.  Thus, luxuries. Kudos for a very informative and quite intriguing article from Caroline Feeney. Caroline is a staff writer for real estate site,  Should you be in the market to purchase or sell a luxury home, this info and these features are certainly things to keep in mind.  In addition, for you high end builder / rehab specialists, great ideas to think about for next project.

While many of these features have been popular for sometime now, a few do seem to stand out.  We find those to be:

  • ranch style homes rather than multistory ones
  • collapsible window walls
  • Mixed metal finishes in kitchens over monochromatic

While some of these seem ideal for ocean or mountain settings, I cant wait to start seeing them in and around our ATL homes.  If you’d like to see a list of luxury homes for sale in our Atlanta market, or ones that have recently sold, just let us know. Happy to send you a “Market Report” with requested info for your review.

Enjoy.  Luxury Home Trends 2017 

Btw, there are currently 234 homes for sale in the Buckhead, Brookhaven, lower Sandy Springs areas that are listed for $2,000,000 or more.   Quite a nice selection.  In addition, there are currently 22 home in this price range and area currently under contract and 46 have actually closed over the past six months.